Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Time Warp Update

This science fiction stuff is becoming a reality all too fast! Recently I blogged about my desire to do some time travel. Here's a bonafide article (yes, I know it's from FOX News) about invisibility, changing the speed of light, and bending time as done recently in a scientific laboratory. I've now decided that the race is on between science perfecting DNA changes that can make me 100% female and science perfecting time travel so I can try my hand at poodle skirts and penny loafers.

Wait a minute... what if we combined time travel and cross dressing?



  1. I wouldn't get too excited. just because they can shift a miniscule of time, doesn't mean it can be scaled up. Also that isn't time travel, that's simply masking a volume of space (sort of like how we see stars years after they died because the light takes so long to get her to see).

    I'd like to believe in time travel, since time is measurable, and it defines us (and einstein did proove in theory it can be done mathmetically). However, I'm not sure if that means you'd be viewing into the past, or you'd be an active participant, altering your timeline. Also I'm not sure how future time travel would work. Every moment shapes how our future turns out, how do you simply skip all of that? I would perhaps imagine that by time traveling, you take yourself out of the equation and you fast forward the events as they would happen.

  2. After re-reading the news article and your reply, would it be more accurate to say that what they are experimenting on could be used to alter how we perceive history. If they could perfect this device, they could point it at a tree and make it appear the tree never existed. Since history is a written record of our perceptions, the tree never existed. Would this be a more accurate description of the experiment?

    I had never considered the problems with future time travel before. This whole article really opens up a can of worms, getting back to subjects I understand just a little bit better.