Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January Odds and Ends

ABC-TV's "Work It" didn't work out. I'm not surprised. I never saw the show, but the whole idea stunk from the beginning. I read several stories online how various people were calling on the transgendered community to voice their dislike to ABC-TV and try to get the show off the air. Me? I took the laid-back, lazy person's course of action -- nothing. The program sounded so bad that I didn't think it would last a half dozen episodes. There are exceptions, but normally I have a pretty good track record at sensing when a television series will be a hit or a bomb. Are you reading this, ABC-TV? Call me!

It was extremely windy today here in Kelli-land. I turned on the television to watch the local news and found the female meteorologist looking pretty as ever in a short skirt (midway between the knees and hips) that offered slight glimpses of her very pretty legs. This woman is now my hero for daring to wear a short skirt on a windy day. Nay, this woman laughed at the elements, daring the wind to play havoc with her wardrobe. This woman is fearless, and I found myself briefly encouraged by her bravery until I remembered an unfortunate incident from the past involving strong winds and my wig. I guess slacks will do for me....

Downloaded some exercise videos off the web and began using them this morning. Hope the neighbors don't notice that the guy living in apartment 12 is doing the bikini ab workout. And, yes, I am feeling the burn!


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