Friday, February 25, 2011

Odds & Ends

Sorry for the lack of updates. I recently found myself marooned on a small island after getting off-course while internet surfing. I survived on a diet of coconuts and pineapples while making enough grass skirts to trade to local natives for a canoe (okay, I was actually sick and snowbound here in the states). Returned to find a few noteworthy TG items....

Had a good laugh watching "Two and a Half Men". Allen's dark side manifested itself as a reflection in the mirror. At the end of the episode, Allen has had enough of his dark side and tells him to lighten up. Allen's lighter side then appears in the mirror and it's a female version of Allen. That was probably very scary to the Allen character.

Tonight, David Letterman was getting names confused and ended up focusing on Jim Bailey, female impersonator. Just found it interesting as you don't hear very many professional female impersonators mentioned in pop media these days.

Having spent a lot of time in Amarillo, Texas, I never thought I would be writing this, but the upcoming mayoral race is interesting to say the least. The quiet little panhandle town, known for its oil and gas industry, cattle industry, arid climate, and favorite vacation spot of Oprah Winfrey (NOT!) now has its first transgendered candidate for mayor. Current opponents include a used car salesman, and an outspoken conservative preacher known for burning the Koran and trying to close down an alleged swinger's club. Stay tuned, America!

I have a list of crossdressers I have known who looked beautiful and could easily pass until they opened their mouth to talk. Think of that old gag in The Three Stooges short subjects where the boys meet a gorgeous woman, tell her how beautiful she is, and she answers in a gruff, tough-guy voice "Gee! Tanks fellas!" Anyway, I can now add Andrej Pejic to the list. Andrej models female clothing on the fashion catwalks and looks fantastic. Then I saw some sound bites of him talking on Inside Edition. He sounded like a goofy French surfer guy or video game addict. It was very disconcerting.

I enjoy surfing around blogs that focus on various gender issues. From time to time I have noticed a few blogs that seem to have been involuntarily removed, and that causes a bit of concern and bewilderment on my part. For example, I frequently read one particular blog that dealt with gender role reversal. I don't remember it being X-rated, perhaps just a bit racy from time to time. Heaven knows it's easier to find the X-rated stuff out there than the PG or R-rated stuff. So imagine my surprise when I went to the site one day and there was a notice saying it had been removed and the URL was no longer available. Does this mean the site was censored by removing it? I really don't know too much about this internet thingy. Putting a "kill switch" on it sounds like something out of a James Bond picture. Oh! To be a Bond girl....

I'm back home from my temporary island imprisonment. The snow has melted and I'm feeling much better, thank-you.