Monday, January 9, 2012

My YouTube Page

Just added a link in the right-hand column for my YouTube page. Here I plan to add videos I find interesting and entertaining.

The first video I have on the page (actually, the only one at the moment, but that will change) is a British television documentary on the Mr. Miss Pageant held in Thailand. I know this documentary is old news to the TG community, but this was the first time I had ever seen it. It primarily follows one man from England who enters the contest in Thailand. This gentleman identifies himself as a transvestite, yet the contest is not really aimed at TVs. Most of the participants have had cosmetic surgery to the point where many live full-time as women.

However, I think the guy did a great job of impersonating a woman and looking fabulous even surrounded by contestants who were "one snip away" from becoming complete women. If you watch the entire video, I think it will be very obvious where his strengths and weaknesses were.

A couple of other items in the video blew my mind. One is a scene where he is working with a deportment coach. I've never been accused of acting extremely manly, but I am now obsessed with acting more womanly in speech and deportment. I've made it a point to begin research on that immediately.

The other item that caught my attention was the relationship with his girlfriend. He seemed to have a wonderfully sweet and understanding girlfriend, and I found myself wondering "Why can't I meet women like that?!" She's "totally cool" with his cross dressing, accompanies him to the contest in Thailand, and weathers the emotional roller coaster quite well.

I'll be on the look for other videos. Stay tuned.


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