Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rubber Ducky

Heavenly days! I enjoy shaving my legs. Don't know if I am the only one who feels this way, but the entire process has become an elaborate ritual at my place with lots of soap, lots of perfumed oils, lots of lotion and moisturizer, and lots of hot water in the old bath tub.

Since my legs had been neglected for the past several months, I started with the gasoline-powered weed wacker (I mean... electric hair clippers). That was followed by filling the tub with hot water, throwing in some soap, adding a little oil, installing a new heavy-duty blade in my razor, and turning on the radio in the bedroom. Now that I have finished, I once again wonder why I don't do this more often. My legs always feel energized and rejuvenated after a good shave. I feel like I could enter a dance marathon and easily win it. I feel bouncy and bubbly and ready for anything the world could throw my way.

GGs (genetic gals) would probably read those statements and throw up their hands in disgust. I'm sure such mundane chores as shaving the legs are classified under the category of "The Things We Have To Endure For Our Men" which is looked forward to with the same eager anticipation as tweezing the brows, shaving the pits, and bleaching the facial hair. I would assume most women look past this hygene chore to what comes next -- shopping, a night out, or a night in (with the right person). If only they could sympathize and empathize with me!

Shaving is just one of the preliminary steps to actually being me -- Kelli! It is a precursor to even more mundane female rituals such as tweezing the brows, shaving the pits, mowing the facial hair, all to the point where I can put on the proper clothes and not only be Kelli, but look like Kelli. There's a part of me that gets tired of seeing some guy looking back at me when I see a mirror. That's the limit to my crossdreaming. Now I'm ready to be as physically close to being Kelli as possible (my mind is already there).

See ya later alligator!