Wednesday, March 24, 2010

3-24-2010 Misc.

I need to mention a few odds and ends here...

  1. I got my first blog follower! Yay! [Dancing as a woman at the moment, because when I dance as a man, I look like a dork.]
  2. Is Larry King still alive?
  3. My secret claim to fame -- I once lived next door to Barbie.
  4. I'm currently following several more blogs and hope to add them to the list in the right hand column soon.
  5. I'm trying to start the rumor that the owner of the Cadillac Ranch originally wanted to use Edsels.
  6. I have never seen an episode of American Idol.
  7. I'm a huge fan of Ranma 1/2. It was the first Japanese manga I read and makes me laugh out loud. I'm still searching for those cursed springs in China....
  8. Did they ever find a rhyme for "orange"?
  9. I enjoy dreaming of everyday life in my Maidenform Bra.
  10. All the women agree -- I've got great legs!


  1. Just wondering how do you dance as a woman and not a man? Is it the style of your dance or you are dressed like a woman. I was just wondering because I try not to dance to much when I go out because I dance with the style of woman but I am dressed like a man so I look really funny. I am a conservative Christian myself and it is hard for people to beleive that I can be TG as well.

  2. I guess you could say the statement "dancing as a woman" was an attempt at autogynephilia humor. In my mind, Kelli is pretty, petite, curvy, the girl-next-door type, and a good dancer. In reality, when I dress as Kelli, I'm a bit taller, not quite as curvy, passable every now and then, and have never been dancing. When in guy mode, I'm the "I think I'll sit this one out" type.