Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Intro & Observations

Hello cyber space!

I'm Kelli, the humble author of this humble little blog. Please bear with me as I'm still new at blogging. This is sort of an experiment for me.

I'm no stranger to the internet. I've been out web surfing (in a favourite bikini) for several years now. The internet is a wonderful place for people with transgenderism and gender-related issues. However, I've noticed disturbing trends among many of the prominent websites that are out there:
  1. A lot of website authors are very dogmatic in their gender-related views. They claim to speak for the majority and anyone who questions that is quickly shouted down.
  2. I have been to several sites that claim if you suffer from gender-dysphoria, the cure is sex reassignment surgery (SRS, sex-change) and that if you refuse that "cure", then you are a liar (you do not suffer from gender-dysphoria).
  3. There are sites that claim that you are either a cross dresser or a transsexual. There are no other options.
  4. There are sites urging you to be political for gender-related issues, such as demanding the right to dress anyway you want, and pushing for socialized medical sex-changes for everyone.
  5. And, of course, there are sites treating the various gender-related subjects in a pornographic context.
As you can probably guess by now, you will not find any of that on my blog or website.

First, I welcome all views on gender-related issues. I might not agree with them all, and I might tell you where I disagree with them, but I will not shout down or tell someone their feelings are a mistake (which you can't really do with feelings and emotions anyway).

Second, I believe there are many "cures" and "treatments" and "living arrangements" for people with gender-related issues. You find the one you want to follow -- don't let someone else make important life decisions for you.

Third, I believe there are so many different labels and diagnosed conditions along the gender spectrum that trying to limit them to fewer than four or five causes more harm than good.

Fourth, I don't push my personal views or desires on anyone. I freely state my ideas and thoughts. The listener is free to do with those thoughts as he or she wants. Like I said in my profile, I'm a conservative Christian (the offering plate will be passed before the sermon).

And finally, there will be no pornography on this site. I don't believe the subject matter should be freely discussed around children, but at the same time, I think if a young person were to wonder across this site, they would probably fall asleep from boredom before they read too far. Don't look for any pictures (I don't even plan on putting a "regular" picture of myself up) and don't look for any steamy stories. I've stopped going to many sites because they devolved into pornographic story and picture collections. I find real life "steamy" enough and will use discretion in dealing with that.

I'll do my own wading into the waters of gender confusion and ambiguity, thank you very much, and I'll post what I find. If you disagree with me, that's fine... it won't hurt my feelings at all. If you agree with what I have discovered, then I am happy to have found another brother or sister.

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