Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday Odds & Ends

Things have been rather quiet this week around the Robert's estate. It's the only mansion in town where the lady of the manor (me) also likes to be the maid. The staff is sworn to secrecy. I'm never bothered when driven into town by my chauffeur. Who's gonna mess with a millionaire crossdresser?

I was channel surfing Tuesday and came across Caso Cerrado Edicion Estelar on the Telemundo network. I can't speak Spanish, but deduced that it is a court show, something along the lines of The People's Court. This particular episode featured a couple of very attractive transgendered "ladies". If anyone knows what was happening, please drop us a comment.

Speaking of television, most folks are amused or bemused about the various drugs that are now advertised. It's not so much the drugs themselves as the side effects that must be legally declared in the ad. For example, an innocent advertisement for a cold and allergy pill may contain a side effects disclaimer stating that the drug may cause sleepiness, excitability, high blood pressure, headaches, upset stomach, ingrown toenails, and temporary loss in ability to tap dance. Many times I see those possible side effects and decide I will not even try the drug (I don't use many drugs anyway).

Today's drug that I saw advertised for the first time was for a testosterone gel cream for men. I'm no doctor (although I do like dressing as a nurse), but I would think one side effect or primary effect of that stuff would be to make something about the user more manly. That's the most hideous side effect I've come across yet!

Although I have not seen these advertised on television, I understand that there are female hormone creams and gels for women. Some transgenders may use them, I don't know. I do know that until they carry a warning label stating CAUTION: May lead to pregnancy in men I will probably not be buying that product either.

As we use to say in the 70's (that's 1970's, thank you very much!) Keep on trucking! Three more days to Friday!


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