Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Beauty Pageant Tempest in a C Cup

I was totally thrilled a few weeks ago when I read that a transexual woman was going to participate in the Miss Canada contest. To borrow a cigarette slogan, you've come a long way baby. Jenna Talackova is the woman's name, and she is definitely "a looker", a stunning beauty who looks like she belongs in a beauty contest.

Fact of the matter, she has been participating in various TG/TS contests and has obviously been wowing the audience and judges. As we say in the music business, she could be the next big crossover artist (no pun intended), and I was thrilled and excited that the day had finally come for such an event to take place.

Then came the bad news -- according to THE RULES, you have to be a genetic born woman. Jenna is missing that part of the chromosonal equation, and, thus, has been disqualified. I am very disappointed for her, but would like to offer some humble thoughts.

First, the Miss Canada pageant has that rule. That is their right. All contests have the right to set their rules on participant qualifications, rules on the competition, and prohibitions on what the contestants may and may not do.

However, if I were an apprentice, I would suggest to Mr. Trump (the guy who owns the contest) that he consider changing the rules. If he doesn't, I'll bet someone else starts their own contest that allows genetic women, transexuals, and cross dressers all to compete for the most beautiful. Think how exciting that would be. Jenna Talackova has already proved she has the looks to pull it off, and I know there are others who could do the same. Everyone winks and nudges during the traditional beauty pageants about the contestant's "enhancements" and "tricks of the trade". At least transexuals are honest about the work they have had done. And who hasn't been fooled about seeing a feminine beauty that turned out to be a man. It's happened to me, and I work hard on trying to be able to pull-off that look myself.

I enjoy watching beauty pageants. I've enjoyed fantasizing about participating in a beauty pageant for ages. Seeing another transgendered person in a traditional beauty pageant would be a source of pride for the entire TG community, especially for those of us who could never do it ourselves.


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