Friday, February 17, 2012

Discretion Is My Middle Name

Gentle Readers...

While yours truly, Miss Roberts, strives to be a paragon of virtue and diplomacy, she admits to falling short of such lofty goals as all mere mortals do, and can only claim that she does her best to follow the Golden Rule as stated in The Gospel According to Matthew 7:12. I do not like for harm or embarrassment to come my way, and do my best to make certain it does not come to others associated with me.

For example, if I was in male mode at a company meeting where everyone only knows me as a male, and someone entered who knew me in both male and female roles and decided to address me as if I was in female mode, I would die of embarrassment, not to mention be a bit peeved at the louse who displayed a complete and utter lack of manners and decorum. I'm old school in that I don't mix my public and private life, and I respect anyone who feels the same way and respect those who do not feel that way about their personal lives.

I can almost picture someone entering the company meeting room, seeing me, and blurting out Wow Kelli! You look different without the dress and wig on! You laugh, but there are truly such people out there.

I don't gossip, which means I don't talk about my cross dressing friends with my non-cross dressing friends, cross dressing friends with cross dressing friends, or non-cross dressing friends with non-cross dressing friends (does that include everyone, 'cause I'm confused now). All e-mails, letters, phone calls, and messages via carrier pigeon are held in strict confidence and shared with no one. Comments posted to my blog are not private (unless I think you might have made a mistake, in which case I will try to check with you).

There is a reason why I'm commenting on my personal privacy policy, but I'm not really at liberty to say why now. Some of us are perfectly happy in the closet. Some folks are in the closet and still anxious and nervous about it. I say don't be anxious or nervous about it. Enjoy! When you experience troubles, deal with them the best you can and move on. Anticipating a problem and developing a solution for it should it happen is more productive and less stressful too. And also remember that some of us try to "watch the backs"of friends so their lives are more peaceful.

In other news, the diet continues successfully!!! I haven't had time to exercise all week and dreaded stepping on the scales. However, I modified my diet this past week and eliminated most all the fat. The result? At the weigh-in this morning, I discovered I had lost 3 more pounds without exercise. I'm lovin' this!!! My exercise program should resume next week. I bought a sit-up bar and am looking forward to using it.

The sit-up bar just clamps to the bottom of a door and holds your feet down while you do sit-ups. I had one before and liked it very much. I thought such a gadget would be easy to find, but discovered none of the major stores in town had them. I finally phoned a sports store to see if they had them. The department clerk asked me to hold while he checked, then returned and said he couldn't find a sit-up bar, but found a chin-up bar that would do the same thing. After picturing that in my mind, I told him I was either way too tall or my legs were way too short to use that. I then carefully described what I was looking for, he checked again and found it. Success! My goodness, my legs would have to be 6 feet long to get them over a chin-up bar so I could do sit-ups.


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