Thursday, December 9, 2010

Yikes! I Apologize.

I was accidentally very rude to a reader. I just became aware of my actions tonight and wanted to immediately apologize. A reader of this blog in November posted a comment to an entry I had written on voting and politics. Comments to my blog are moderated, but somehow her comment notice was lost in the system (either Google or my poor old Acer desktop) and I didn't find it until this evening. I am very red-faced over the incident and apologize. Tomorrow I am packing away my blonde wig so that maybe some of the ditzi-ness in my life will subside.

Emily's Virtual Rocket is the name of the blog and features transgender and transexual news articles. This kind of stuff is important. My writing may be often light-hearted, but every day I read news digests covering TG and TS issues, finding both the good and the bad. Knowledge is power and can help you in dealing with the important issues of your life, and I haven't met a TG, TS, or CD yet that could say their activities didn't have much effect on any part of their life.



  1. Kelli
    I just spent a little time scanning through your blog.

    I say 'Amen' to the concept of being a conservative Christian. I believe that yours may be the first blog that I have agreed to publically follow although there are several others that I do follow regularly and frequently comment on. You may recognize 'Scalesman' or Pat Scales.

    I like your approach to the concepts of freedom and liberty. Politically I find myself on the libertarian/conservative side of things. While I freely share myself with others I do not want others, especially the government, to decide what I need to share or with whom or how much.

    My spiritual side is 100% convinced that there is a good and loving God and that we are all his children.

    I do believe that the Bible is an inspired work but it is subject to many meanings and interpretations. It is properly known as "The Good Book". I wish I knew more about it and was more familiar with the writings in the Bible. My politics follow my spiritual leanings. Love thy God, Love thy neighbor as thyself, Honor your parents, etc. An underlying theme of the New Testament is 'freedom'. It is our free will that makes the difference. I value my freedom and my free will. Life is full of choices. I prefer to make them for myself rather than have them made for me by society or the government.

    I surmise that this old chassis has about 15-20 years on you. I have been truly blessed with a wonderful, beautiful, brilliant (at least much smarter than me), compassionate and loving wife for over 3 decades. I have been blessed with two healthy sons.

    At my core I also believe that my gender issues are a blessing. First, as noted above, I believe in a God that is wise and wonderful, benevelent and all knowing. Second, I do not believe God makes errors. Third, I accept that we are made in his image and likeness. Fourth, I have found joy and pleasure in crossdressing. As such I do not believe that something that feels so good could be wrong.

    Good luck with your life and with your blog. I sense in you a wonderful spirit. While I do not beleive our gender issues are identical we are all part of a mosiac. I recogize that views and opinions are subject to change. That is good. I do like to think that I know more today than I did yesterday and I do have a lot of years of experience to draw on.


    PS: I also like your approach toyour dreams. Many of my dreams have a dressing component.

  2. Kelli-

    I read your most recent blog. Hey, no problem. Believe me, I'm a bit ditzy myself. In fact, your earlier blog helped me clarify things in my column. I hope this makes things a bit clearer.

    Please keep in touch.


  3. Kelli-

    Just a thought- could I copy the second paragraph of your blog in "Emily's virtual rocket"? It's really very nice.