Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's The Great Turkey, Kelli Roberts!

[Ed. note: My apologies for any semblance -- living, dead, or imaginary -- to the Great Pumpkin.]

Sorry for not writing lately. I'll do a little ketchup writing in this blog entry.

So far as I know, none of the people elected to represent me at the local, state, and national level in November's election is CD, TG, or AG. Given the circumstances of being CD, TG, or AG, I probably wouldn't know that fact about them anyway. However, I am confident life as we know it will continue unabated. Michelle Obama has excellent fashion sense, so there is some good news out of Washington.

Found a new source for girl watching -- Spanish language network television. Good heavens! I was channel-surfing when I came across a young woman speaking Spanish. I had to stop and watch for a second as she was drop-dead gorgeous. Beautiful face with flawless makeup, attractive hairstyle, a dress that looked like it was handmade to fit her curves exactly, a sexy hint of cleavage, and that was just the anchor on the late network news! The novellas look intriguing. I still need to take a foreign language in college. Hmm... which one should I choose? And why don't my local late news English anchors dress like that?

Experienced an odd "catch 22" moment recently. I've met several ftm transvestites and transexuals over the years, both in person and now on-line. One of the on-line acquaintances is a co-member of a newsgroup forum and has posted pictures of the transition from female to male. The latest batch of pictures show a chest that has healed from all surgeries to masculinize it, toned abs, and muscular arms. I found myself admiring the pictures and thinking she was going to make a very good-looking man. I also found myself noting that I never looked that masculine at any point in my life, and yet I was born male. I am both proud and annoyed by that fact. Paging Dr. Freud!

And finally, belated Thanksgiving greetings and wishes. This has been a really good year for me. I know the Good Lord wants to bless His children, but it is a fault in human nature that we don't recognize all the blessings we receive. I'm poor, and it is easy for me to note that this year has been a very good financial year for me. It takes a bit more concentration and thought to realize that I was also the recipient of some much needed rainfall this year, major storms that can blow through my neck of the woods were kept to a minimal number, I've still got a nice warm roof over my head, and I always had enough food and some to share this year. Mosaic Law stated that the people were to hold feasts, to celebrate, and to give thanks at various times of the year for all the blessings God had given them. A religion that's got a little celebrating in it sounds like a really good thing.

After the tryptophan wore off, I got busy cleaning the dishes and munching on the leftovers. Now for Christmas....

Kelli Y

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