Saturday, June 5, 2010

Boobs In Delaware

Here's a story that's making the rounds this past week. It seems a group of male-to-female transgenders decided to hit the beach in Delaware. For a nice, even tan, they decided to remove their swimsuit tops, ignoring the fact that they were not on a topless beach. According to the news reports, they had implants, giving them female breasts. After some complaints, the lifeguards and police were called. The sunbathers put their tops on, and the police later stated that no one was breaking the law because the sunbathers in question still had male genitalia (which was, apparently, left covered-up).

I'm probably one of the few who will say this, but the actions of the sunbathers reeks of hypocrisy in my opinion. Their actions only throw fuel on the fire that helps keep transgendered men and women from living healthy, normal lives. Most transexuals, crossdressers, and transgendered people that I know and have met want nothing more than to blend in with whatever gender they are transitioning towards. They want healthy, normal lives as if they had been born and raised in their adoptive gender. However, transitioning and their new gender will present difficulties and obstacles they didn't have to face in their past.

An ex-girlfriend once told me If you're going to be a woman, you have to take the bad along with the good. After pondering her slightly one-sided statement through the years, I've discovered that it is a basic truth that both men and women fail to fully appreciate. In other words, this piece of advice is applicable to both sexes.

Here we are in the 21st century, and there are still things I can do as a man that are either impossible, improbable, or unwanted as a woman. As a man, I can impregnate a woman... just me and the woman, a little lubricant, some Barry White on the old 8-track, you get the picture. A woman is not going to get another woman pregnant by having sex with her unless she has some sort of high tech science lab behind her efforts (or something really weird happens).

If I ask a woman out to dinner, it is generally accepted that I will pay the check. I'm sure the woman does not want to get the check, as that is not really human nature. I've offered her a free meal. I've invited her to eat with me. Some old-timers would even say that just because I am the man, I should be paying for her meal!

Differences between men and women are both physical, mental, and environmental. I'm very happy about these differences, Of course, if it wasn't for these differences, we wouldn't have such conditions as crossdressing and autogynephilia, but I digress. It's our differences that cause us to take notice of the opposite sex and progress from there. You've probably read a few articles lamenting the fact that it is much harder for a man to dress as a woman and be accepted by people than it is for a woman to dress like a man and be accepted. Why is that? Women are allowed more wardrobe choices regarding what is traditionally male and female garb than what men are allowed. A woman can wear a tailored shirt, slacks, and a tie for work in an office, but a man cannot wear a pretty blouse, skirt, and heels in that same office.

That brings us back to those boobs in Delaware. Here we have a group of sunbathers who, by definition, are progressing from masculine to feminine. Then, we find them reaching a point where don't want a certain piece of the feminine equation they have been working towards. Their response is to refuse the bad and just enjoy the good. Unfortunately, my autogynephiliac fantasies might be like that, but here in reality, you overcome the bad by utilizing the good. Avoidance solves nothing.



  1. I so agree.. that is, as long as your presenting as that gender. I.E. if your in a bikini, sorry but you have to follow the rules. Now of course, if it were transgendered men with breasts but dressed as guys, it might be argueable (I think any guy with breast tissue should have them covered).

    As for autogynephiliacs, I think the idea that your expected, and perhaps forced into certain female traits and roles is part of the fun.

  2. Oops and a laugh on my part. You're right about autogynephiliacs embracing female roles or being placed in those roles either by choice or force. I hadn't really thought about that when I wrote this entry, so maybe fantasy influenced how I thought I should act if I were a woman. I also read Miss Manners, so I also follow good manners (when in Kelli mode, there are no loud belches, farts, scratching, sitting improperly, etc.).

    The sunbather's dress is important. I was wondering if they wore regular female bikini bottoms or in some way made their groin area look feminine. For that matter, did anything else about them (other than their breasts) look female? I think I see your point. It would be one thing for them to look like a woman, take their tops off, and say "Don't worry. I've got hidden male parts." That comes under my heading of "hypocrisy". It would be another matter if they were manly looking men who just had female breasts. That would be... uh... just creepy.