Saturday, May 1, 2010

Kelli's Simplified Dictionary of Big Scary Words

My list of words that need defining for the purpose of using them in this blog is growing, so I decided to give Kelli's Simplified Dictionary of Big Scary Words its own entry.

  1. autogynephilia -- A man who fantasizes that he is a woman.
  2. Christian, conservative -- Holding established and/or moderate views and interpretations as found in the Holy Scriptures (Bible).
  3. cross dress -- To wear clothes of the opposite sex.
  4. drag queen -- Think "female impersonator" on steroids. They generally present over the top caricatures of female personas.
  5. fantasy -- Note real; fiction; imaginary. Example: Flying unicorns are fantasy creatures.
  6. female impersonator -- Male who does his best to present himself as a woman to the point of fooling his audience into thinking he is an actual woman. Generally used in the context of stage shows and entertainment.
  7. heterosexual -- Attraction to the opposite sex.
  8. homosexual -- Attraction to the same sex.
  9. penis envy -- Originally refered to a part of Freud's theory about a young girl's growth and development during the psychosexual phase in which she realizes that she does not have a penis. The phrase "penis envy" over the years has come to denote masculinity, virility, and male dominance as Freud's original theories on the subject have fallen out of favor and become archaic.
  10. role reversal -- A situation in which two or more people swap mental and/or physical attributes. Example: If an office manager and his secretary swap roles, the office manager assumes all secretarial duties and manners while the secretary assumes all office manager duties and manners.
  11. she-male -- see "tranny".
  12. tranny -- Generally a pre-op transexual (one who has undergone partial sex reassignment). Usually used in a pornographic context.
  13. transexual -- A person who either strongly desires to undergo, or has undergone sex reassignment surgery (SRS).
  14. transgender -- A blanket term for those in gender identity situations.
  15. venus envy -- Desiring and/or envying any mental and/or physical attribute(s) of women.
The dictionary will be update from time to time as the need arises. I welcome any comments and suggestions.


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