Thursday, February 20, 2014

Keeping Up To Date With The Internet

Once when I was a kid, back in the early seventies, our television broke.  The repairman diagnosed the problem as a burned-out picture tube and said it would take a week to get a new one.  As a kid, you would think an Old Testament prophet had proclaimed a famine in the land by our response.  No television for a week!  What would we do?  We'll perish without television!

Then Dad assured us everything would be alright because we still had radio.  I looked quizzically at Dad and said that was fine for music, but radio didn't have any shows (comedies or dramas).  Dad stuck to his guns, and totally failed at proving his point.  Radio comedies and dramas pretty much disappeared from the airwaves by 1960 in the U.S.  Dad hadn't realized this and seemed very out-of-date to us kids.  Ironically, as I write this, I realize that to people born after 2000, terms like "picture tube" and "tv repairman" seem quaint and archaic.  I reassure myself that it has probably been 35 years since I last used these terms, so I feel more current with the times.

One of the fun things about crossdressing is keeping up to date.  Makeup is always changing.  Makeup essentials -- mascara, blush, eye shadow, powder -- seem fairly constant from decade to decade, yet the application of these elements on the human face along with seasonal changes in color, changes season to season even from morning to night.

Fashion changes!  I would love to dress like women from the sixties or seventies, but came to the realization that I would look like I just walked off the set of Here's Lucy or Laugh In.  Hot pants cause a girl to stand out, no matter the size of the crowd.
I've discovered the hard way that the internet also changes.  I had an old desktop computer that served me faithfully for about six years until the hard drive crashed.  Over the years, my browser had amassed a large collection of TG bookmarks.  One day, I noticed that I had dozens of bookmarks, but only had a half dozen sites that I regularly read and that were actually beneficial.  I decided to weed the bookmarks and began visiting the old sites.

Now the oldest of these bookmarks were five years old.  To my surprise, the majority of these bookmarks were now useless because the sites and blogs they led to were now gone.  My favorite blogging site now had competition like Pinterest and Tumblr, which had not existed five years earlier.  That was a pretty fast change in the internet (to me, anyway), and I had been caught snoozing.  Actually, the big migration to Pinterest and Tumblr would have occurred in a matter of weeks or months, but discovering this years after the fact just shocked me even more.

Since purging my computer of porn, I'm hoping to spend more time on many other things, including my little blog, and I hope to update the "Blogs I Follow" gadget in the sidebar.  I follow some very popular and beneficial blogs that I should share with others.  There's plenty of porn on the internet that is easy to find.  There's not enough good character -building sites on the internet, and if these sites also improve our fashion sense, so much the better.


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