Sunday, March 24, 2019

What The Heck Is A Conservative Christian TG Gal?

I use the phrase "conservative christian TG gal" to describe myself, but wanted to clarify that phrase briefly in a blog post.  The "conservative" in my description refers to "christian", or my religious beliefs.  It does not refer to my political views.  Some folks may find that confusing, but wait, there is more.

As far as conservative christian, I am a member of the Baptist church.  I know what you are thinking -- those folks are not the friendliest towards transgendered people.  You may be right, but I am also still in the closet as to my transgenderism.  Oh, I've been out and about many times en femme, but I don't broadcast it.  I'm not making a statement when I go out en femme, I'm simply enjoying a moment.  I've never attended a church service dressed as a woman, and the church I attend would never want me to do that even if they knew about my transgenderism.  That's okay with me.  I have absolutely no complaints or regrets.  Many christians have false or outdated notions about transgenderism, but I am confident things will improve with time, patience, and love.  In my time left on this earth my church may not allow me to dress as a woman for services, but if they ever know about me they may one day respond with Biblical love instead of shunning me (which I don't believe is a Biblical response).

A coping method I use in life when confronting a situation is imagining the worse possible outcome and preparing for that.  For me, my church learning of my transgenderism would be bad, and I have decided that the worse possible outcome would be the congregation retrieving all the pitch forks and torches from the hall closet and chasing me out of town.  I have since examined that hall closet and found no pitch forks or torches.  Sometimes our imagined fears are the scariest things we will ever face.  Gotta smile, because no matter what, I know God loves me.

Now as for politics, over the years I have voted for everyone from libertarians to socialists.  I vote issues, so specific political parties can never really count on my vote every time.  Also, many years ago, I realized that the subject of politics was becoming extremely polarizing in the U.S.  For example, no matter which party wins the presidency, the opposing party in recent elections has verbally vented their displeasure in obscene and alarming terms.  I will have no part of this and not be associated with those who act in such a uncivil manner, so I have a rule over NEVER discussing politics... ever!


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